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Text Box: Custom designed using double yolk Goose, Rhea and Ostrich eggs.  1 ml Swarovski crystals, plated chain and no hole pearls. Bride and Groom, Doves or Dried Flowers for center of Egg.

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Text Box: Quail, Duck, Goose, Rhea and Ostrich Eggs are usually used. Eggs consist of many different cuts in shell and different scenes inside the eggs. Fontanini nativities and hand carved wood nativities from Italy are used for the spiritual eggs. 
Text Box: Christmas Ornaments & Spiritual

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Text Box: People like to collect all types of my eggs. Commonly collected eggs are Special Occasions, Sports, Winter Scenes  and Christmas Eggs. Your special collectables can be implemented into a custom designed egg of your choice.
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Text Box: All original images are sold, but can be ordered with your needs in mind. 
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Authentic Egg Artistry

Handcrafted & Designed by Darlene

Three Sided Openings

Double Yolk Goose  Angel

Painted Holly in Acrylics

Designed by Darlene